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System Solutions, one of the leading IT Outsourcing & Services company established in 2005, offers developing, delivering processes and solutions that significantly enhance one's business potential. System Solutions is a talented interactive web development & design studio. Our studio specializes in digital interactive design for high-profile companies and individuals. We design and develop projects that ultimately seen on computers - websites development, internet sites and graphics presentations. We are specialized in Web Development & Design, Multimedia Design, Wireless Communication, Client server Application, S.S.L Layer Security Control and Data Encryption. We have Developed various large scale project such as automation of project management, Office Management, Internal Communication System of HSCL

With state-of-the-art development center incorporating latest technologies and the best manpower available,solutions developed are among the best in the industry.Outsource with us and we will help you and your business do better.Let us know your requirement and help us serve you better.Our professionals will get in touch with you in the shortest possible timeframe. For queries mail us at info@systsol.com

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Our Products

All projects undergoing at System Solutions are developed using the best available manpower. The products/solutions are fully tested before final deployment.To name a few of our main projects currently in the development process 

Software for Pollution detection and analysis

The software deals with analysis of the different pollutant present in the air like Carbon Monoxide, Suspended particulate matter etc. Calculation of the pollution level is based on predefined formulas as provided by the client.

Intranet Document Manager

It is a web based solution achieving the purpose of inter-office commication for reporting etc. Users to the system can communicate with co-employees and respective seniors to report activities on a daily basis. Uploading of files (any type) as attachment and a database driven email forms part of this solution. Site is secured by MD5 encryption algorithm for logins and uploads. Modules are Users, Reports, Uploads, Views to name a few.

Online Matrimony 

You can search your dream partner more catego- rically.10000+ people visit every day for search life partner. Our success ratio is 88.61%

Online Friend

World’s most popular, more attractive and modern chatting system which provide you ultimate satisfaction by multiple window chatt- ing with the friends.

Online Hospital System

First time disclose in Indiait is authentic, secure and more infor- mative system in the world. Book your hospital and get the patient details instantly.

Online Medicine Shop Management

It is the biggest Online Medicine Shop Management Project.You can easily maintain stock , generate GST bill , Re-order level maintenance , Account Maintenance , Profit and Loss Analysis and access control mechanism using this project.

Online Tutor

Science graduate, post graduate person can register as a tutor. Using this system you can earn INR 200/ hour. Students can register free of cost.

Online Job Portal 

Looking for a suitable job?Thousands of job providers search this site for hiring their deserve- able candidates. Job Provider can also upload their job at free of cost.

KMDA Project Management System

It is an govt undertake project to maintain Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority's all project maintenance in respect of physical and financial aspect.

Online Hotel Booking System

Online hotel is a popular site in the world. You can book and cancel your hotel with in a second. You can search hotel as per your choice in any part of the world.

Online Institution

Online Institution is the best on-line resource to gather relevant information on over 105,000 School, College or University in the globe. It is the most convenient and Free method with search capabilities that allow you to view information, one Institution at a time. Our service also includes:Registering your institution to our free website and make it available Worldwide..

Clinic Management System

A total solution for the medical fraternity. Applicable to hopitals and nursing homes for complete functionality. Necessary reports pertaining to patients, accounting and other associated issues will be takn care of by this software.Web solution for a biotechnology firmWeb based solution for a bio-technology firm.

Why we are the Best Option for Our Clients

Hosting facilities

We have own server facilities
with 100% uptime.No need to warry about loosing data from annynomus hosting website.

Latest Technology

Our Developer always searching for new technologies time by time.



Our HMIS softwares are available with affortable price.

Technical Support

Our 24 X 7 hour Helpline with you to solve any type of technical problems.    

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The information age has ushered in advances in computer and communication technology, advances that have sparked what has been termed the “information revolution.” At the heart of this revolution is the exponential demand for access to, management of, and transformation of information. Information technology drives the dynamic information infrastructure that has become integrated on a global scale socially, culturally, and economically. Databases. Apps. Computer software. Websites. Mobile data. Servers. Voice networks. Each part of the larger, interconnected informational ecosystem.Broadly, information technology can be defined as the use of computing via various components (e.g. hardware, services, software) to develop, manage, transform, share and store information in different forms. Example components of information technology include the following: ServicesSystems deployment, support, repairSoftwareMobile applications, network security, desktop applications Infrastructure Cloud computing, Internet, telecommunications Hardware Servers, mobile devices, network systems, computersCareers in information technology deal with the design, creation, management and maintenance of the varied components of the system, including software, hardware, networks, systems integration and multimedia. Broadly, information technology can be divided into four central pathways: network systems, information support and services, programming and software development, and Web and digital communication. Down each career avenue exist myriad occupational opportunities, ranging from database administrator to computer systems engineer, digital media specialist to systems analyst.Network Systems.Careers in this field are responsible for designing, analyzing, developing and implementing network systems.Information Support and ServicesCareers in this field are responsible for deploying and managing computer systems and software, providing technical support and maintaining information systems.Programming and Software Development.Careers in this field are responsible for planning, designing, updating and managing computer software and systems through software programming and development.Web & Digital Communications.Careers in this field are responsible for the creation and production of interactive media, including digital and multimedia products.

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